US Government’s Problem with Gambling

The latest arrest of David Carruthers, the CEO of both BetOnSports at Dallas Texas while changing planes on his way into Costa Rica by US authorities raises several critical questions involving judi togel using offshore sportsbooks, and professional gaming advisers who recommend offshore novels like myself. Oh how Uncle Sam wants to put his nose into something that he does not restrain, only because the US Government has no means to taxation proceeds getting into the States from overseas novels and Poker rooms, that’s the KEY in this entire scenario, have NO doubts about it.

You will find 10 others arrested under”conspiracy to take dollars on sports stakes.” To my comprehension, and investigate, Mr. Carruthers is not really a US citizen, and he is the maximum profile arrested, as I cannot talk about the citizenship of their other 10 arrested parties. There was also charges against the advertising of the novels and gamming properties while in the United States with way of a federal grand jury. This raises serious concerns for a lot people from a in general, and to sports bettors whose accounts have been currently frozen, tangled up in legal proceedings for the very long term I would assume with this situation.

The main point is simple . The US Government with plenty of problems in their hands, driving the market into the bottom, escalating gas pricesa War in Iraq costing billions each day, not to mention American lives, plus they have no business digging yet another hole that will cause more harm than good. Exactly how many thousands and thousands of dollars does it choose to prosecute a non-US taxpayer using a business with additional funds and money compared to many small 3rd world countries struggling them?

Even the US Government turns a blind eye on betting as it benefits them. All a sudden, they recognize that they are missing the boat on a multi-billion dollar gambling industry overseas, fueled by Americans for the most part, therefore as opposed to inventing a means to work with governments overseas to monitor and tax penalties getting in to the nations since income, to receive their part of the pie, they’ll only call them criminals and arrest them. Another gigantic blunder by a government fueled greed and corruption at the highest levels. Go do some good in worldfeed the homeless, give the VA hospitals that the amount of money you would use to fight that trumped up charge to help war veterans at a war we have to have been out of weeks past.

Am a patriotic? Hell yes I am, nevertheless infringements on the rights of individual US taxpayers who CHOOSE to gamble overseas in a country where it is legal and licensed to gamble at no manner could be your federal government’s business in my opinion. Worse, to arrest a non-US taxpayer, who is a CEO of an global provider, on the stock market in London, is an extreme step by right winged policies that will need to be changed. Did you know it is legal to call an bookie and bet $100 on the Packers? When that identical guy calls an offshore sportsbook to make the same bet, it’s LEGAL for this book to accept that bet as action, since that novel is overseas and licensed and regulated by the government of that country to do so. A nice line that must be determined, and this situation may very well impact the way in which things are do me in the near future.

Enjoy NO doubts, betting on sports compels ALL sports in the country with TV evaluations, Direct TV earnings, Las Vegas Sportsbooks, and a lot of other tangible items to numerous to say. I suggest a call to arms from the struggle to eliminate off shore books, Poker Rooms, and casino’s by the US Government. I’ve contacted my entire State Senators and Congressmen, and I urge that you do the exact same to address this extremely crucial issue and right we all have in jeopardy.

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